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I believe that every person has potential

I am the founder and owner of the ADVANCA company, which focuses on the selection and development of managers, teams and the creation of corporate culture and self-knowledge. I am also the author of the book Manuál (ne)manažéra(The (Non-) Manager’s Manual), which offers tips and methods for each of us to handle life and work and be more effective. In my practice, I work as a psychologist, coach, lecturer, and consultant for managers, teams, and companies as well as a mentor for future coaches. I focus on selecting the right people for teams and companies and creating development programs that aren’t just aimed at managers.

As a lecturer, I focus on self-knowledge, management skills, and soft skills. In the role of a consultant, I identify the strengths and critical points of individuals, teams, and companies and give them suggestions on how to work with them, while creating strategic solutions for managers, their teams and their companies. My coaching for individuals and teams allows me to connect business coaching with life coaching. As a psychologist, I work with several diagnostic methods and I primarily aim my attention at the working and organizational spheres, where I help individuals, teams and companies with self-knowledge while teaching them how to function better and be more efficient both at work and at home. I also deal with the application of personality and performance psychodiagnostics in the process of selection and development of human resources. As a mentor to future coaches, I prepare candidates for testing for the international certificate awarded by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

PhDr. Aneta Vančová, PhD., PCC


What I focus on


Tips and methods for each of us on how to handle life and work and be more effective.


Meeting with a professional coach, lecturer and a psychologist – all in one.


Set of individual meetings for developing abilities, that each successful person should have

Selection and development of employees

Creation of corporate culture



What I studied

I graduated with an MA in psychology with a specialization in social and occupational psychology from the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of Comenius University in Bratislava. I obtained my postgraduate degree (PhD.) in pedagogical, school and occupational psychology. I successfully passed my rigorous examination (PhDr.) in the field of psychology. In my theses, I dealt with social atmosphere in a group with a link to social inclusion, burnout syndrome and personality traits. I was trained to work in healthcare at the Slovak Medical University. At the moment, I am increasing my qualification by a postgraduate study in the field of occupational and organizational psychology completed by postgraduate certification. I’m also currently undergoing training in cognitive-behavioral therapy after which I’ll become a certified therapist (SIVP – Slovak institute for education in psychotherapy).


My activities

I am an internationally certified Hogan assessment user, as well as an internationally certified coach for individuals and teams (PCC – Professional Coach Certified, ICF – International Coach Federation) and a Schuhfried’s Vienna Test System user. I am also a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), a member of the Slovak Coaching Association (SAKO), a member of the local ICF branch (ICF – Slovak branch) and a member of the Slovak Chamber of Psychologists (SKP). I do pro-bono coaching for Dell women managers. I participate in the auction of Kiwanis dolls to help children and I support the Biela pastelka (White Crayon) project that helps blind and partially blind people. I give lectures on topics from the field of selection and people development at universities for future psychologists. I work with individual business clients (such as YIT, ČSOB, Carroute, DOXX, Plzenský Prazdroj, etc.). I am also registered as one of the experts on the www.pozitivnamysel.sk platform.

International Coach Federation
Slovenská asociácia koučov


Some of the clients I have worked with


Books I have written

Manuál (ne)manažéra

We push ourselves hard in the gym, we buy organic products and we’ve taken up yoga and vegetarianism. Simply put, we take care of our body, so we can be fit and healthy. But along the way, we’ve forgotten about our minds and hearts. We think that seeking professional advice is only needed if we have a serious problem, or many of us are even ashamed to seek such help… We don’t know what we would talk about with a psychologist and what is it good for… Even when it comes to our working life we often focus on performance and forget about soft skills. We care more about the results than about a good team atmosphere. The book offers various tips and methods on how to deal both with life and work and how to be more effective in these areas.

I am glad that a book, which we can call a “cookbook” for personal development covering both the work and personal areas has seen the light of day. Because the term work-life balance has been recently used in all kinds of situations. We may even say that we have become intense seekers of this balance. And I believe that Aneta Vančová’s book will also help us on this journey. It is composed of practical advice that we can all use. Whether in everyday life or in working life.

Jana Galera Matúšová | The book's patron


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